About our eBooks

VintageCrochet.co.uk is owned and run by Goldsky Media.

We have been publishing Crochet eBooks since early 2006. All patterns are held in public domain and there fore are no longer under copyright.

All our ebooks are PDF files whose pages have been sized to fit legibly on the screen of a reading device.

As a courtesy to our readers and to facilitate the use of the book on a variety of devices, these files are unencumbered by DRM. In the hope of providing some income to the author and the publisher, this eBook is sold under a restrictive license. The purchaser is entitled to read the book and retain it in his or her personal digital library. To make this eBook available over the Internet, to distribute copies of it to others, or to print it for others’ use are all violations of the license. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms, do not purchase an eBook fromVintage Crochet.co.uk.

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